Friday, December 31, 2010

Recent Photo Compliation

Here are the last few photoshoots of 2010. It was a great year and I plan on 2011 being even better.  Watch out for me and make sure to spread the word with my blog.  Anyways, here are they are...

SL550 by Royal Muffler. I like to call it the neck breaker, head turner, beach cruiser, speed demon, you name it.

Unique BMW 328 by Royal Muffler. Custom M-Tech fog delete and a rare carbon fiber lip. Also with custom carbon fiber splitters on the rear bumper. With flush Forgiato's to finish it off nicely.

Last but not least the Range Rover Sport Supercharged.  Dropped and black Forgiatos make this a clean and simple Range Rover, just the way I like it.

Thank you for viewing my blog and have a wonderful New Year, best wishes to everyone!

For more photos make sure to check out...

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