Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bimmerfest 2010 // COV3RED

 Bimmerfest 2010, an event me and my buddies have been waiting ever since the moment Bimmerfest 2009 had ended.  To start off, it was located in RoseBowl Pasadena; not very far from the valley.  Knowing that the venue was so close to home, we planned to take a long route through the canyons and hit PCH for some beach cruising.  We met up at the Ross parking lot in Sherman Oaks at around 7:30am and grouped up.  Had some people come out with a Matte Black GT2, a Lp640, True Bliss Customs came out with a few of their cars, and of course a bunch of sick Bimmers.  From stock to modded, anybody is invited to the huge gathering of Bimmerfest.  I'd have to admit the BMW community is one of the sickest car communities out there.  Surprisingly we had no problems with police on the caravan.  Arriving to Bimmerfest felt great, it took awhile to get it but it was worth the wait; Models and Bimmers everywhere, it was heaven...

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